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Assisting and guiding the ESIC Act, we are a recognized ESIC Consultant in Delhi NCR for years. And with proficiency and expert guidance, we have developed the knowledge and experience in dealings of ESIC Act.

Leveraging support to the employers varying from factories and several industries, our ESIC Consultant highlights the technicalities and exceptions of the act. Accumulation of the employer, employee, central and state government contribution constitutes the employee state insurance act. Therefore, highlighting the role of each of them in this act we successfully assist in execution of insurance claims and benefits.

Informing about the several benefits and providing comprehensive information of the act one can avail the guidance from our ESI Consultant in Delhi NCR, who possesses desired skill and competency. Giving an idea of the insured and dependent’s benefit in terms of wages and salary, we emphasize on the amendments and furnish latest information.


  • Furnishing of basic information in terms of employee registration and norms relating to EPF, we lead the way for entities dealing in ESIC.
  • Guiding and supervising the monthly and annual ESI compliances, we assure the normal progressing of returns with efficacy and effectiveness.
  • Helping in the inspection and providing details related to C-18 and 45 inquiry, we ace in providing every detail which are in connection with ESIC 1948.
  • Providing details and related information in terms of compliances related to death and accidental cases, we proceed in the direction of ESIC act systematically and coherently.
  • With considerations to your concern and cooperation, we educate you about the ESIC act which is a must and a mandatory aspect for entities.
  • Taking care of the employer’s interest and labor’s benefits, we have been successfully able to satisfy our clients.
  • With important updates and information relating to ESIC act, you save your time from the inconveniences and penalties which you had to pay due to lack of information.
  • Mapping the parameters and regulations, we rightly deal with detailing of information. Thereby leveraging the responsibility and reliability, we make things easier for you. Therefore, without much ado, connect us for the detailed information in ESIC act.

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